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Car Buying tips. Save thousands of dollars, and lots of time, by following these simple consumer related car buying steps.

Let’s face it. Buying a car, for most of us, is an intimidating process. The way to make it much less stressful is to have the information you need, when YOU need it, as well as a way to tell if the people you are dealing with are treating you fairly.


The following steps will give you the information you need..

Did you know that only a few car dealers in your area are listed on any one internet car shopping site, and some dealers have an exclusive right to every lead for a particular make in a particular area?

That is why it is important to go to at least three (and we will show you more) competitive sites to get a car quote. These steps will link you to the best car sites which will give you pricing and information. Remember, you are in control of the buying process.

Get as much information as you can. There is absolutely no cost in getting these quotes, and no obligation to talk (or even respond) to any of the dealers.

1) Get the online price from a local dealer for Discount Pricing on a New Car .This is the place to start. Put in the make and model and follow through to where they acknowledge that you have sent an inquiry.

TIP: in the message area of the lead you send put in “email only” to have the dealership send you the info by email instead of calling.

It may take a while for the dealer to contact you, and you may get an automated response. That’s OK. It is a good way to gauge the quality of the Internet Sales person at that dealership.

The faster you receive an email from an actual person at the dealership, after you get the “automated” response, the better the salesperson will be.

2) Next, use the site voted “Best” for buyers seeking information on a specific vehicles, it’s Car Research and Pricing at

3) Now go to the site that does the negotiating for you! They get prices from a dealer in your area and allow you to go through the whole car buying experience on- line.

4) This New car site has been growing quickly and will give you a great perspective on values.

5) Did you know that Yahoo! has a Dealer network, and can get you connected with dealers in your area?


Armed with this information you can confidently talk to any salesperson about any vehicle you are interested in.


If you are looking for information on how to Sell Your Car Click Here



What about USED cars? Be prepared when looking for a used vehicle. Here is the best guide I have found to help you ask the right questions and will help you focus in on a great, worry free used car.

Use these links listed below to get prices. Yahoo! Autos



Be sure to get a VIN report from your buyer to help protect you against unreported damage.

Looking for a used car? Get a FREE Vin Check


How will you pay for your car?

The internet has made it much easier to obtain information on loans. It is a great idea to have a loan in place, or at least a good idea of the rate you can get, before asking a dealer about their financing. It’s FREE and helps you from being fooled at the dealership, CLick on one of the links below to get a free quote Auto Loan Approvals – Bad Credit is No Problem! Any Credit Auto Loans No credit? Poor credit? We can help. We have two NEW Programs to help you drive a Car quickly and affordably.

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